A Touch of Colour

A Touch of Colour


Due to his impairment, British painter Terry Jackson had to radically restructure his life, as well as his painting technique. His passion for drawing and painting has been shattered by him becoming blind 12 years ago. Since then Terry has not been able to draw and had to re-invent his painting style: he forms the background of his paintings out of plasticine, thus creating a 3-dimensional relief on the canvas. Then he paints it with his partner’s help, who mixes the colours under his vocal supervision. Terry loves and is constantly inspired by nature, which shows not only in the motifs of his painting but also in his vibrant and evocative painting style. His artworks reflect the changes of life that Terry has gone through, and show his constant struggle to keep painting as a form of expressing “what is inside of him”.




The Other Film Festival (Melbourne, Australia) – 2004

Picture This Film Festival (Calgary, Canada) – 2004

Assim Vivemos Film Festival (Brasilia/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – 2005

Independent Living Reel Celebration Film Festival (Winnipeg, Canada) – 2005

100% Art Festival (Tel Aviv, Israel) – 2005

The Disability Audiovisual Festival (Santiago, Chile) – 2005

Broadcast on TV Brazil in 2009/2010